Brianna ran with her daughter, Melinda, from Arizona all the way to Minnesota to escape her blackmailing sister, Kathy. Melinda belonged to Brianna now, not Kathy, who gave her up for adoption to Brianna and now Kathy suddenly has a desire to be a mother? Ha! There’s money out there for single moms and cold hard cash is the only thing Kathy understands. 

Besides, Minnesota has something Brianna finds she is very interested in – Hockey.

Okay, maybe not hockey, but one specific hockey player by the name of Devon Saint Martin. Big, gorgeous and wealthy, Devon has it all. Including a long string of stunning ex-girlfriends. So Brianna knows he would have no interest in plain-Jane Brianna.

Except, the first time they meet, it was up close and personal and they were both naked.

Afterward, Devon made it perfectly clear he was not only interested, he wants Brianna. But the man is famous for his “love ‘em and leave ‘em” attitude and there’s no way Brianna is going to fall victim to the devastating “Devon charm” and be yet another notch on the man’s hockey stick. 

Until little Melinda decides “Debon” is her “bestest fwend”. Brianna finds it impossible not to fall for the man who gently holds her daughter’s heart in his hand.

But then some very unpleasant incidents begin to take place and It has both Devon and Brianna questioning who it could be that is jeopardizing their fledgling happiness, and whether or not their fragile love can survive.